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Insurance - Includes filling our proposal forms, duty of disclosure, types of insurance, excess, lodging claims, loss assessors, complaints about insurance companies, link to Insurance Enquiries and Complaints Scheme.

Your Rights as a Customer - Information on purchasing goods, defective goods, refunds, warranties, lay-by, door-to-door-sales and "cooling-off" period, link to Office of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading.


Arrest and Questioning - Includes when to give personal details to police, accompanying police, resisting or obstructing police, procedure after arrest, being detained, being interviewed by police and legal rights.

Criminal Injuries Compensation - Information on injuries that are compensated, applying for criminal injuries compensation, Criminal Injuries Compensation Commissioner, awards made, link to Victims Support Services.

Family Violence - Information on the Family Violence Act 2004, including what amounts to family violence, applying for family violence orders, police family violence orders, police powers of arrest and detention and links to Magistrates Court of Tasmania and Victims Support Services.

Forensic Procedures - Information on the Forensic Procedures Act 2000, including what a forensic procedure is and the circumstances for carrying out forensic procedures, how forensic procedures are carried out, the use of force, when a magistrates order is required, the consequences for refusing or obstructing a forensic procedures and links to the Act and Tasmania Police.

Going to the Magistrates Court - Includes bail, court procedure when appearing in court, adjournments, pleas of guilty and not guilty, link to Magistrates Court.

Victims Support Services - Information for victims of crime, focusing on role of Victims Support Services, victim's register, criminal injuries compensation claim, contact details for Victims Support Services and link to Tasmania Police.


Children - Information on parental responsibility, parenting plans, orders as to who child is to live with, spend time with or communicate with, consent orders, applications to Family Court, matters relevant to child's best interests, mediation, links to Family Court, Family Relationship Advice Line and Relationships Australia.

De Facto Relationships - Property and Maintenance - Information on property and maintenance issues on the breakdown of a de facto relationship under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), general information, definition of de facto relationship, circumstances required for de facto relationship to exist, time limits, financial agreements, property orders, maintenance orders, links to Federal Magistrates Court.

Grandparents 500kb PDF file (2 pages) - Information to assist grandparents, who have a grandchild in their care, in accessing legal assistance.

Personal Relationships - Registration - Information on Relationships Act 2003, registration of personal relationships, effect of a deed of relationship and revocation of deed of relationship, link to Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Property - Property settlements, what is considered property, contributions made by each party, consent orders, applications to Family Court, child support and spousal maintenance, link to Family Court.


Bankruptcy - General Principles - Includes advantages and disadvantages, property protected from bankruptcy, bankrupt's responsibilities and action available to creditors, link to the Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia (ITSA).

Bankruptcy - Alternatives to Bankruptcy - Includes informal arrangements between a debtor and creditor, formal Part IX debt agreements and Part X agreements, link to the Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia (ITSA).

Discrimination - Disability Discrimination - Focus on Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 (Tas), direct and indirect discrimination, exceptions; making complaints, links to Anti-Discrimination Commission and Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

Employment - Workers' Compensation - Focus on types of compensation available in Tasmania, permanent and partial impairment, lump sum payments, exclusions, making a claim, rehabilitation, common law claims for negligence and link to Workcover Tasmania.

Motor Vehicle Accidents - Personal Injuries - Information on MAIB, scheduled benefits, making a claim, payment of claims, unidentified drivers or vehicles, common law damages for negligence and link to Magistrates Court.

Motor Vehicle Accidents - Property Damage - Information on what to do after an accident, liability and types of insurance; obtaining quotes, letters of demand and link to the Magistrates Court.

Wills and Estates - General Principles - Includes drafting a will, formal requirements, contents, effect of marriage and divorce, executors, amendments, codicils, intestacy, contesting a will and links to the Public Trustee and Supreme Court of Tasmania.

Wills and Estates - Distributing the Estate - Information on probate, intestacy, letters of administration, distribution of estate, order of distribution, duties of executors and administrators, links to Supreme Court (Probate Division) and The Public Trustee.

Young People - Law for the Under 18's - Terminology, going to school, work, drinking, smoking and sexual relations, obtaining a driver's licence, family relations and involvement with police and court procedures, various links to youth related web sites.


Neighbourhood Issues - Boundary Fences - Information on erecting or repairing a boundary fence, Notice to Fence and Notice to Repair Existing Fence, neighbour's responsibility for cost, objections, entering neighbours property, recovering money from neighbour.

Neighbourhood Issues - Owning a Dog - Information on dog control, registration, seizure and destruction of dogs, dangerous dogs, dog owners' responsibilities, barking, dog droppings, damage caused by dogs, links to various local councils.

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