Licence suspension – period of good behaviour fact sheet

If you have had your licence suspended because you have exceeded the number of demerit points on your licence and you hold a full licence (not a learner or probationary licence) then you can apply for a period of good behaviour.

What does this mean?

  • You can continue to drive on your full licence
  • The period of good behaviour runs for 12 months
  • You cannot receive any more than 1 demerit point for 12 months

How do I apply for a period of good behaviour?

When you receive the Notice of Demerit Point Suspension attached to that will be a period of good behaviour application form if you are eligible to apply. You must apply for a period of good behaviour within 21 days of receiving the notice and before the suspension period starts. You must not drive if your licence suspension date has started and you have not received a period of good behaviour approval. You will receive either an approval or refusal in writing. If you have not received confirmation of either an approval or refusal in relation to your application contact Department of State Growth - Transport  on 1300 135 513.

What happens if I am given further demerit points?

If during the 12 months you are on good behaviour you receive any more than 1 demerit point, your licence will be suspended for twice the amount of time that was imposed on the original suspension notice. For example, if your licence was suspended for 6 months and you then applied for a period of good behaviour and then received more than 1 demerit point for speeding during that time, your licence would be suspended for 12 months.

What happens if my licence expires during my period of good behaviour?

If you licence is due to be renewed during your good behaviour period, you still need to renew your licence as you normally would.

Last updated: 3-April-2017