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Corporate plan

Corporate Plan 2017 - 2020

Corporate Plan (3 mb pdf - 12 pages)

This corporate plan arises from a planning workshop that we held on the 17th March 2017. The workshop mapped the needs of disadvantaged people for legal assistance services and objectively assessed those needs against our capabilities. It critically assessed our strengths and weaknesses and our priorities.

In less than 100 years, legal aid in Tasmania has developed from a small charity to a leading provider of legal services to disadvantaged people. Legal aid contributes to a fairer, more inclusive, and rights respecting community. Legal aid is also essential to the Tasmanian justice system. By enabling people to access lawyers, legal aid keeps the wheels of justice turning and helps maintain trust and confidence in the justice system.

No one can predict the future and so we designed this plan as a dynamic document that we will adapt as circumstances change. We welcome your comments and feedback as we refine the plan over time.

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Last updated: 19/10/2018