Tasmania Legal Aid’s Annual Report 2019-2020 was tabled on Tuesday December 1 in State Parliament.

The report remarks on TLA’s achievements over the last financial year, in what has been a testing time for our organisation and our state.

TLA staff continued to deliver through the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Our report shows how in a year when COVID-19 dominated our lives, we were able to step up and deliver the preventative, self-help and representative services that we have always provided in a consistent manner. This is a testament to the TLA team’s dedication to work we do.

TLA saw increases in several key service areas, including:

• Grants of legal Aid – 5,184 (5.96% increase)

• Extensions of legal aid – 24,643 (14.35% increase)

• Mental Health & Disability Legal Services – 30% increase

• Telephone Advice & Referrals – 54,488

• Payments for Grants of Legal Assistance - $5,157,000 (6.76% increase)

• Website Visits – 686,536 (17% increase)

TLA's services delivered around Tasmania.

This is TLA's 30th annual report and was presented by our director Vincenzo Caltabiano.

Mr Caltabiano said that through the COVID-19 pandemic and Tasmanian lockdown period, the justice sector came together to ensure that people could have continued access to court – quickly adapting to use technology.

“This quick response showed how TLA, the legal profession and the justice system are able and willing to adapt to suit community needs. Although TLA closed its doors for a period we were able to continue to provide information, advice and referrals through a range of means.

“I am grateful for the versatility demonstrated by staff who responded quickly to the challenge and ensured continuity of service throughout the pandemic lockdown and since.”

READ THE FULL REPORT: https://www.legalaid.tas.gov.au/popular-topics/annual-reports-2/

Last updated: 02/12/2020