Family law property mediation trial

The Commonwealth Government has funded a two-year trial for lawyer-assisted family-law property mediation. Starting on 1 January 2020 the Mediation Trial will help 50 families.

The Mediation Trial is targeted at families with a net property pool of up to $500,000, excluding superannuation. It will help people who can’t afford a lawyer to help them with their property settlement.

Legal Aid may be granted to support clients through property mediation. Lawyers will help clients document their agreements and get court orders. If an agreement cannot be reached, lawyers will advise clients about their options and may apply for aid to represent the client through a court process. A special model has been developed for the Mediation Trial and is attached.

The Mediation Trial has its own eligibility criteria which are explained in the attached Guidelines for the Mediation Trial. Complex matters may be excluded.

People wanting to apply to the Mediation Trial can apply at their closest Legal Aid Office or can apply through a private lawyer who does Legal Aid work. See the information sheet on how to apply.

Last updated: 24/12/2019