PO BOX 6100, Hawthorn West 3122
1300 22 46361300 22 4636
(03) 9810 6111

National, independent, not-for-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance abuse disorders in Australia.

A service providing safe and positive contact arrangements for children whose parents are separated.

The Children’s Contact Service makes it possible for contact arrangements to take place with minimum stress both for children and their parents. It can also help with establishing a relationship between child and parent when there has been a period of limited or no contact.

The services that are provided include:

  • planning, negotiation and setting up of contact arrangements
  • facilitated changeover to enable the child to be transferred smoothly from one parent to the other at contact times
  • supervised contact visits to enable child and visiting parent to enjoy quality time together
  • separate appointments for both parents
  • privacy and confidentiality
  • an established children’s centre with toys, games and equipment
  • practical, sensible security including separate entrances and exits for each parents wherever possible.

Advantages of using the service include:

  • contact can be made using an independent third party
  • parents do not have to deal directly with each other
  • it provides a relaxed, safe and neutral environment for children and parents
  • both parents can feel they are doing the best for their child.

Costs involved:

  • Intake – free
  • Supervised Visits and Changeovers – a fee is payable by both parties. Reduced rates are available for concession card holders.

Children’s contact services are located in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie.

Department of Health and Human Services Family Violence Counselling and Support Service offers professional and specialised services to assist children, young people and adults affected by family violence. This service is part of the safe at home initiative (

Huonville, TAS, 7109, Australia

The Huon Domestic Violence Service offers support and information regarding domestic violence within the Huon Valley.

Services offered by the Huon Domestic Violence Service include:

  • Support
  • Counselling
  • Information
  • Advocacy
  • Court Support
  • Community Education

This service is eligible to all victims of domestic violence. No referral necessary and is a free service.

175 Collins St, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000, Australia

Mission Australia works with Tasmanian individuals and their families to enable them to reach their full potential. They provide services for families, children, youth and people with mental health issues, providing a variety of services.

145 Bathurst Street, Hobart TAS, Australia

Save the Children programs build better outcomes for children and their families in vulnerable communities.

They use early intervention and practical parenting programs.

278 Argyle St, North Hobart, Tasmania 7000

A state wide community based organisation specifically aimed at supporting the interests of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex.

Devonport, Tasmania, 7310, Australia

CLS is a not for profit organisation that seeks to reduce the impact and incidence of suicide in the community through confidential counselling, early identification and intervention. Also provides suicide intervention training and workplace training on issues such as conflict resolution, assertiveness training, bullying and harassment and elder abuse.

Tasmania, Australia

Offers free and confidential services to men, women and children who have been affected by sexual assault or rape at sometime in their lives, be they victims, survivors, family or other support people.

Services include:

Counselling, support with legal processes, referral to other appropriate services, advocacy, community education, support to other professionals.

Services the West and North West coast.

Wingfield Building St John’s Park New Town 7008, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Established by the Tasmanian State Government to provide support for people who experienced abuse in State care when they were children. The Service aims to assist people to overcome the impacts of the abuse and improve their life circumstances.


Tasmania, Australia

Gamblers Online is provided by Turning Point in Victoria and is funded by an agreement between the Australian Government and all state and territory governments.

Gambling help online provides: 24/7 availability of chat and email counselling and support services, availability of professional counsellors with expertise in problem gambling and online services, integration with state based 24/7 telephone services and face to face counselling, provision of extensive website content, self help information and weblinks for additional support.

McDougall Building Ellerslie Road Battery Point, TAS 7004

Provides counselling, physical assistance, moral support and information to women in need and their families in a caring, accepting environment.

All services are free and confidential and include:

  • Telephone and face to face counselling
  • Referral to support services
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Counselling for grief and loss after abortion
  • Ongoing support
  • Baby clothes from prem to 3 months
  • Help in the home for pregnant mothers

Open 10am – 2pm weekdays.

After hours appointments available. After hours phone directed to similar agency interstate.

Email (Counselling):

Email (Support):

A dedicated organisation committed to the support of Practitioners and organisations engaged in the emotional welfare and mental well being of people from Tasmania, Australia and Internationally.

Part of the Safe At Home iniative. This is a 24 hour, 7 day service. The Victim Safety Response Team (VSRT) work with victims of family violence undertaking follow up work from police, frequently carrying out safety audits and safety plans. Calls requiring an immediate response will have a police intervention team dispatched. Those calls not requiring an immediate ‘safety’ response will be referred to appropriate counselling, support and referral services.


Responsible for the development of service delivery policy and provides access to social, health and other payments and services.

Square Pegs is a registered charity with a mission is to improve recognition, understanding and action for children with dyslexia and related learning differences in Tasmania. Our vision is for all children to enjoy learning and reach their potential.

SASS provides a 24 hour crisis response and information/support service in southern Tasmania. We can provide information about a range of options, including:

  •  accessing counselling and support;
  •  having a forensic medical examination and/or medical checkup;
  •  accessing emergency contraception;
  • reporting recent or past sexual violence to police; and
  • we can also assist with referrals to other services.

We can assist you in understanding your options and offer supports along the way. It all starts with that phone call, seeking help or advice

Tasmania, Australia
0419 009 628 (for Southern Tasmania)0419 009 628 (for Southern Tasmania)
0400 066 169 (for North Western Tasmania)0400 066 169 (for North Western Tasmania)
0437 589 627 (for Northern Tasmania)

A service provided by the Department of Health & Human Services, for people who have been involved in a family violence incident and have been issued with a Police Family Violence Order.

They can provide information and advice about what a Police Family Violence Order means, how to prevent breaches and provide referrals to appropriate services.

StandBy is a suicide bereavement response service that provides a 24 hour coordinated community crisis response to families, friends and associates who have been bereaved through suicide.

4 Hart Place, Rokeby Tasmania, Australia

The Foster and Kinship Carer’s Association of Tasmania (FKAT) is a member of the Australian Foster and Kinship Carers Partnership. They provide support and assistance for foster carers, kinship carers and people interested in becoming carers.

Services Provided by FKAT:

  • Telephone support and referral service
  • Regular newsletters
  • Meetings
  • Social Activities
  • Annual conference
  • Support during case planning
  • Support during family conferences
  • Advocacy and support for carers through the Foster Care Advocacy and Support Team (FAST)

We are a state wide service operating in the North, North West and South, we provide practical support, family violence education, advice and referral to support services for anyone experiencing family violence.

The program will provide practical support, advice and referral to support services for those women and children experiencing family violence through the following services:

  • A website which will provide information around family violence and support services available
  • Email support available to all members of the community
  • Phone support
  • Information packs
  • One to one support from a case worker for those people experiencing multiple needs

The Elder Relationship Service is a counselling and mediation support service to assist older people and their families to:

  • prevent or resolve family conflict;
  • have difficult conversations;
  • plan for the future (including medical, health, financial or living arrangements);
  • resolve differences in ways that improve their relationships; and
  • make decisions that protect the interests, rights and safety of families.

You can attend the service on your own, with your partner, as a family, or your children or parent(s) can come by themselves.

Attending the service is voluntary and confidential. The service is a not for profit community organisation and the services are subsidised by the Federal Government. They try to make the service as affordable as possible, fees are determined by the local organisation and are based on your income, they will advise of any fees payable upon the booking of the appointment.

The service is run by Relationships Australia.

Lifeline Tasmania has set up a new service for Tasmanians, specifically to deal with unprecedented demand for information, advice and support because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Lifeline’s 13 11 14 crisis line continues to be available for those with significant and ongoing mental health issues, including those having suicidal thoughts.


The new line will deal with the many issues around what is called psychological stress.


The Mental Health Council of Tasmania stresses that psychological distress is not a mental illness. It is a normal human response to a situation that is frightening, confusing or upsetting.


Research studies indicate that most people will experience some level of psychological distress during a pandemic. For most people this will ease over time and does not lead to mental illness.


Being in ‘psychological distress’ means that a person feels unhappy, anxious, worried, angry, sad, scared or grief-stricken.


For many Tasmanians 1800 98 44 34 – A Tasmanian lifeline is a service they might never have contemplated having to access in normal times.


These are not normal times. Many Tasmanians experiencing stress, anxiety, worry, fear and a sense of helplessness because of the pandemic are strongly encouraged to seek assistance by calling this new Lifeline Tasmania service.


The new Lifeline Tasmania service will provide information on the resources available to support those impacted by the unprecedented changes in the way Tasmanians go about their daily lives, including social isolation, loss of employment, the impact on mental health, the financial challenges and, in the case of health professionals, working in a high-risk environment.


The new phone line will offer three types of support:


Call in: Tasmanians will receive psychosocial support from a trained support worker to discuss concerns and be redirected where appropriate to a referral service.


Call out:  Contact socially isolated older Tasmanians identified through existing services, family and friends who are concerned or by other health professionals.


Reach out: Through partnership with those industries significantly impacted, such as tourism, hospitality, retail identify at-risk members and reach out for psychosocial support, counselling or employee assistance programs.


The service will be staffed from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week

Strong Families, Safe Kids Advice & Referral Line is the first point of contact for child wellbeing and safety.
With a coordinated network of government and non-government support – and your help – we can deliver earlier intervention and better outcomes for at-risk children and their families.

56 Cecilia Street, Saint Helens, Tasmania, Australia

Anglicare provides a number of services to support people.

St Johns Avenue, New Town, TAS, 7008, Australia

This is a State government service operating from the Department of Health and Human Services. The Alcohol and Drug Service is a key provider of specialist services for Tasmanians who are affected by alcohol and drug use. The service aims to ensure that people affected by alcohol, tobacco and other drug use have access to appropriate, timely, effective and quality treatment services, support and interventions which are based on contemporary best practice.

Operates Monday – Friday 9 a.m – 5 p.m


A 24 hour drug and alcohol information service can be accessed for free by calling 1800 811 994.

63 Creek Rd, New Town TAS 7008

The Bridge Program is a Tasmania wide service for help overcoming and recovering from addictions related to Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs.

4/95 Albert Road, Moonah TAS 7009, Australia

Baptcare is a purpose driven organisation focused on delivering the best of care to people of all ages, cultures, beliefs and circumstances. Through our social enterprise model, we deliver better outcomes for people in our community; combining the best commercial practice with a social heart.

Baptcare has more than 150 staff who work throughout Tasmania to deliver the best of care to people in Family and Children Services, Foster Care, Disability Services and Residential Aged Care.

432 Elizabeth St North Hobart TAS 7000

Step Up is a Colony47 program for young people aged between 12-17 and their families aimed to address recurring violent behaviour by young people toward a family member or intimate partner.  Where violent behaviour is toward a family member Step Up can support either or both the parent/carer and young person.  The program provides one on one support and aims to assist young people to understand consequences of violent behaviour, strengthen family and personal relationships and utilise appropriate referral pathways to other specialist services.  The program works to empower parents and provide them with tools and strategies to assist them in keeping all family members safe.

Ashfield, NSW, 2131, Australia
(02) 9716 8000(02) 9716 8000
(02) 9716 8000(02) 9716 8000
(02) 9716 8159

The service aims to alleviate child abuse by providing support to parents, carers and families. National, confidential video counselling by appointment, offering counselling, education and support services. Child abuse prevention information and protective education available via an online video materials and Safe Program Booklet for parents and childcare centres, schools. Etc.

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