6 Invermay Road, Invermay, Tasmania, Australia
(03) 6331 6622 (Crisis Accommodation Enq 24/7)(03) 6331 6622 (Crisis Accommodation Enq 24/7)
(03) 6331 6176 (Training & Employment Enq)(03) 6331 6176 (Training & Employment Enq)
(03) 6331 6626

Youth Futures is a non profit organisation that offers a number of services specifically aimed at young people. However, many of their programs are not age dependant.

Accommodation – Core service offering accommodation for young men who are homeless or at immediate risk of becoming homeless.

Employment – Another core program offering Employment services, similar to those offered at Job Network.

RTO – Youth Futures has become a Registered Training Office, meaning they can deliver nationally accredited units and qualifications. Currently focused on Construction/Manufacturing and Agricultural Skills. They also offer some generic training such as First Aid and OH&S.

The Castle – Ties in with training where participants can gain Manufacturing and Construction skills and is also a micro-housing development project aiming to create and provide micro-dwellings for youth at risk of homelessness.