The Attorney-General’s Department may provide legal financial assistance for parents or guardians whose children are being retained in another country, by another person, without their consent.


Applications can be made to the department for grants to cover:

  • the overseas legal costs of obtaining a court order for the return of a child to Australia
  • flights for the return of a child to Australia
  • flights for people who are required to attend overseas legal proceedings or to escort a child back to Australia.


The department cannot cover:

  • costs for access or visitation with a child
  • any Australian legal costs.


The department will not, generally, cover the cost of any legal fees or expenses incurred before an application is made or if the applicant meet the cost without incurring serious financial difficulty.


More information regarding legal financial assistance for overseas child abduction can be found at our website; http://www.ag.gov.au/LegalSystem/Legalaidprogrammes/Commonwealthlegalfinancialassistance/Pages/Overseaschildabduction


You can contact the Department via the below means:

Telephone (within Australia): 1800 117 995

Telephone (outside Australia): +61 2 6141 4770

Email: finass@ag.gov.au