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1 When should I make a notification about a child? 

If you are concerned that a child is not safe you should contact Strong Families Safe Kids on 1800 000 123. You should do this as soon as you become aware that a child may be at risk of harm.  

A child is at risk of harm if you think: 

  • They are likely to be abused or neglected 
  • Someone who lives with the child has threatened them 
  • Someone who lives with the child has in the past killed, abused or neglected a child 
  • The child is witnessing family violence 
  • The guardians are unwilling to supervise or maintain the child or protect them from abuse 
  • The child is not attending school and they are younger than 16. 

The earlier you make a notification the more likely a child will be protected.  

2 Who can make a notification? 

Anyone can contact Strong Families Safe Kids. A notification can be made by a neighbour, family friend, family member, teacher, sports coach or foster carer. 

Anyone who believes that a child is not safe has a responsibility to make a notification.  

3 How do I make a notification? 

You should make a notification to Strong Families Safe Kids. They prefer that people call them on 1300 000 123 so they can ask all the questions they need, but they also have an online contact form at

4 Will anyone know I have made a notification? 

It is against the law for someone to tell the family who made the notification. Your details will not be passed on to the family or carers who are looking after the kid.  Child Safety will talk to the family about what has been reported to them. Sometimes the family may guess where the information came from.  Child Safety can talk to you about this and help you plan to respond. 

A person who makes a notification may be asked to tell a court about what they knew about the child’s safety. This could happen if police charge someone because they were not keeping the child safe.  

5 What should I tell Strong Families Safe Kids? 

It is important to tell Strong Families Safe Kids as much information as you know, including: 

  • Why you believe the child is not safe 
  • How long you think the child has not been safe 
  • When you became aware of the situation 
  • Who else might have seen what you see or know what you know 
  • Who you think is hurting the child or not keeping them safe 
  • The specifics about how the child is not safe 

6 What happens after I make a notification? 

If Child Safety think that the child is not safe based on the information for the notification they will use any other information they have (such as from Police reports or other notifications). They will use all this information to consider whether they need to make an investigation. 

Child Safety may contact parents, guardians and other people who know things about the situation. 

Child Safety will protect a child who is not safe.  

Last updated: 09/02/2023