Fact sheet – Preparing a plea in mitigation

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How can I prepare for my day in Court?

A Plea in Mitigation is a formal statement that you or your lawyer will read to the court after you have pleaded guilty or admitted the offence. The aim is to explain your personal circumstances and provide an explanation for committing the offence. Your plea will outline any circumstances that may lessen the penalty you receive. After hearing your plea in mitigation the Magistrate can then decide an appropriate penalty.

This brochure has more information on how to prepare a Plea in Mitigation. You can also read the text in the brochure here.

I don't have a lawyer, where can I get some help?

In some circumstances you may be able to get a duty lawyer to help you with your plea in mitigation on the day of your Court hearing. You can ask staff at the Magistrates Court where you are appearing if there is a duty lawyer available. The duty lawyer may be able to represent you and enter a plea of mitigation on your behalf. For more information about our duty lawyer services call 1300 366 611.

Last updated: 20-April-2021