Fact sheet – Registering a personal relationship

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How do I register a personal relationship in Tasmania?

Two adults who live in Tasmania, who are not married or not already a party to a deed of relationship, may register their significant or caring relationship by lodging an application with the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages. The application is sworn by each party verifying that they consent to the registration, they are not married and they are not a party to another deed of relationship. Each party must also provide proof of identification and age. If registering a caring relationship, a certificate of independant legal advice will also need to be obtained from a lawyer. A fee must be paid when lodging the application.

The Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages will register the deed of relationship 28 days after it is lodged. The Registrar will not register the deed if either party is married or is a party to another deed of relationship.

What does a deed of relationship do?

Once a deed of relationship is registered, the parties are taken to be in a personal relationship and are subject to the legal rights and obligations associated with that. This means that if the relationship breaks down, the parties can negotiate a property settlement and may be liable for maintenance.

When will a deed of relationship end?

A deed of relationship will be automatically revoked if either party marries or dies. It may also be revoked by either or both parties applying to the Registrar for revocation, or by court order. The Registrar will revoke a deed of relationship 90 days after the application for revocation is lodged, unless the application is withdrawn.


Last updated: 3-May-2021