Our organisation

Tasmania Legal Aid is an independent statutory body set up by the Legal Aid Commission Act 1990 (Tas). We commenced operation on 1 January 1991. Tasmania Legal Aid operates at arms-length from Government but is accountable to the Minister for Justice. We are the largest government-funded legal assistance service in Tasmania and we play a central role in providing access to justice for disadvantaged Tasmanians. The Commission is governed by a Board of five and has a staff of 84 full-time employees.

Our purpose

  • To provide legal services to help Tasmanians understand their rights, navigate the system to resolve their legal issues, and get the assistance they need.
  • To support and advocate for vulnerable and marginalised Tasmanians.
  • To work with our clients, staff, legal partners and community to improve the legal system.

Our values

The values that drive our choices are:


  • We communicate openly and clearly.
  • We provide clear, accurate and realistic advice; are accountable to our clients,
  • our partners and our community.


  • We speak up, listen to different views, and willingly take on feedback.
  • We advocate for our clients, our sector and our organisation; are open to
    new ideas and adaptable to change.


  • We are involved in the design of services, programs and policies.
  • We are committed to the best outcomes for our clients and our community;
    and work collaboratively with our partners and our clients.

Our Focus

  • Children
  • Family Violence
  • Wellbeing and Resilience

Our focus is the lens through which we approach planning and service delivery across our full range of services. Most of our work – across civil, criminal and family law – involves children, and family violence in its broadest context. In this way, we will develop a systemic organisational response to improve our services for children, to respond to family violence, and to build the skills, wellbeing and resilience of our clients, staff and legal partners.

Last updated: 02/11/2020