Family Advocacy and Support Service (FASS) Brochure

1800 431 157

Does your family law matter involve family violence? We can help. FASS includes lawyers and social support workers who work together to get you on the right track.

What is FASS?

The Family Advocacy and Support Service (FASS) is a free service providing assistance to families with family law matters who have been affected by family violence.

FASS has two parts:

1. FASS Duty Lawyer Service

The FASS Duty Lawyer can:

  • Help you in relation to family law matters, family violence matters and child protection matters. This help may include giving you advice, giving information, and letting you know where else you can find help;
  • Draft simple court documents in matters involving allegations of family violence;
  • Help you gather information and evidence about family violence;
  • Go to court with you on matters where there are allegations of family violence;
  • Go to court with you for urgent interim matters where there are allegations of family violence.

The FASS Duty Lawyer cannot:

  • Complete complex documentation and affidavits in non-urgent matters;
  • Represent you in contravention applications and final hearings;
  • Be an Independent Children’s Lawyer in your matter;
  • Offer ongoing help.

2. FASS Social Support Service

The FASS Social Support worker can:

  • Help you make a plan for your safety when you go to court;
  • Help you with court staff and security staff;
  • Support you before, during and after court;
  • Let you know of other social services that can help you too;
  • Help you with receiving support from other social services.

The FASS Social Support worker cannot:

  • Give legal help
  • Provide ongoing counselling.

Do I need to make an appointment?

At all other times you can make an appointment with the Duty Lawyer between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday by calling FASS on 1800 431 157

The Duty Lawyer is at Federal Circuit Court and Family Court Duty Lists, Divorce Lists and Registrar Lists.

The Duty Lawyer offers a walk in clinic at Hobart and Launceston Courts each Monday between 1-2pm.

Where can I find FASS?

FASS providers will be located at the Family Law Courts Registries or the Tasmania Legal Aid offices as follows:
Family Court - 1st Floor 39-41 Davey Street, Hobart
Tasmania Legal Aid - 158 Liverpool Street, Hobart

Family Court - 3rd Floor ANZ Building, Corner Brisbane & George Streets, Launceston
Tasmania Legal Aid - 64 Cameron Street, Launceston

North West Tasmania
Tasmania Legal Aid - 50 Alexander Street, Burnie

Last updated: 07/02/2024