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We offer general legal advice, information, referrals and minor assistance. Our services are available to the public during business hours and are free of charge:

Criminal Court Duty Lawyer

At the Magistrates Court there are duty lawyers who can help you with information about what happens in court and what you have been charged with. If you are seeking an adjournment or wish to plead guilty the duty lawyer may be able to appear for you. Ask the court staff and they will put you in contact with the duty lawyer.

If you have been arrested and wish to apply for bail a duty lawyer will appear for you. We contact the reception prisons twice a day to see if anyone wants a duty lawyer, and will come and speak to anyone in custody before their first appearance.

These services are free of charge.

Family Violence— Safe At Home

The Safe at Home Lawyer provides free advice, assistance and representation to victims of family violence state-wide.

The Safe at Home Lawyer also provides referrals to other services who can help with safety and support, such as Safe Choices, the Court Support & Liaison Service, and Tasmania Police.

Representation For NDIS Appeals

Our lawyers can advise and represent you on appeals if your application for a plan review is refused or you are denied access to the scheme. This service is free.

Family Advocacy & Support Service (FASS)/Family Court Duty Lawyer

FASS offers a free Duty Lawyer and Social Support Service at the Family Court for people involved in a family law matter who have been affected by family violence. The FASS Duty Lawyer provides advice, information and can appear for you in court. In limited circumstances, the Duty Lawyer can help you prepare court documents. The FASS Social Worker works closely with the Duty Lawyer and can provide court support before, during and after court and referrals to other social service providers. The FASS Duty Lawyer and Social Worker are available each day. The FASS Duty Lawyer also appears on all Duty List days of the Federal Circuit Court (FCC).

For more information or to make an appointment, call 1800 431 157.

A free Family Court Duty Lawyer service is also available for advice and information.

Community Legal Education and Information

Our Community Legal Education and Information program offers education sessions about legal issues and Tasmania Legal Aid services for schools and community groups. These sessions are offered state-wide and are free of charge.

To book a session, call 1300 366 611 or send an email to: CLE.Diary@legalaid.tas.gov.au

Advice About Contractual Disputes

Our lawyers provide you with free advice and assistance if you have a dispute about a contract - ideally to avoid going to court. We help you write letters to negotiate a settlement or ask someone to pay for damage they have caused. If your matter is already in court, our lawyers will explain the court process and procedure in simple terms to assist you to represent yourself. This service is free.

Senior Assist – Elder Abuse Prevention and Response

Senior Assist is a team of lawyers and case managers who provide you with free legal advice, assistance and support if you are experiencing elder abuse. We provide information about what you can do to prevent elder abuse. We visit you in your home or a safe place if you are unable to come to our office.

We can help you if you:

  • live anywhere in Tasmania
  • are aged 65+
  • are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and
    aged 50+
  • are experiencing elder abuse
  • are risk of experiencing elder abuse

Mental Health Tribunal and Guardianship Board Matters

Our lawyers represent you if you have a hearing at the Mental Health Tribunal or Guardianship Board. This service is free.

Free Walk In Legal Advice

Come in for free legal advice. If you need representation, we can advise you and make an application for Legal Aid.

Hobart office

Monday to Friday
10:30am to 2:00pm
158 Liverpool Street Hobart TAS 7000

Launceston office

Monday to Friday
10:30am to 1:00pm
64 Cameron Street Launceston TAS 7250

Devonport office

Monday and Wednesday
12:30pm to 1:30pm
8 Griffith Street Devonport TAS 7310

Burnie office

Tuesday and Thursday
12:30pm to 1:30pm
50 Alexander Street Burnie TAS 7320

For free legal advice call 1300 366 611

Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm
and speak directly to a lawyer

or find us on the web: www.legalaid.tas.gov.au

Last updated: 06/10/2022