Fact sheet – Drugs and Alcohol

Last updated: 02/02/2022

There are important laws related to drug and alcohol use. The following can help minimise the risks related to illegal drug use and help make a party successful, enjoyable and a safe time for everyone.

Leaving home during COVID-19

Last updated: 13/04/2021

A Public Health Emergency was declared in the State of Tasmania by the Minister of Health. People must stay at home unless there is a valid reason for being away from the home.

Family Violence during COVID-19

Last updated: 13/04/2021

While COVID-19 is increasing the pressures of families and couples, the law is clear that wherever there is violence or abuse between intimate partners or ex-partners it is “family violence.”

Contracts affected by COVID-19

Last updated: 13/04/2021

Memberships, travel and accommodation bookings, events, product price increases and changes to services are all covered by contracts which may be affected by COVID-19.