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Fact sheets

These fact sheets have been written for the Tasmanian public and cover matters which we regularly receive questions about.

Frequently asked questions

Short answers to the most common questions we get.

Videos for seniors

These short videos look at areas of law particularly relevant for seniors – enduring powers of attorney and enduring guardianship.

What's the law videos

A free education kit which includes 10 short videos for teaching new arrivals about Australian law. The videos are in plain english and are photo stories about common legal problems. The kit includes activity sheets, answer sheets and notes for teachers.

The law and you videos

This series of short videos looks at areas of the law that clients commonly ask us about. Topics include: What is Legal Aid, Family Law, Family Violence, Youth Law, Privacy and Wills.

Self help kits

Guides and forms for people wanting to represent themselves in relation to Civil Matters, Family Law and Criminal Law.


Contains links to our annual reports, corporate plans, newsletters, self help kits, fact sheets and brochures for printing.


Our brochures are about the services we offer. They are designed for printing and display and are available for downloading as pdfs.

Going to court

What to expect when going to court and how our lawyers can help you. Find out about our duty lawyer service at the Magistrates Court and the Family Court.

Tasmanian Law Handbook icon

Tasmanian law handbook

An online handbook published by the Hobart Community Legal Centre. It is a teaching and learning resource, for people interested in the law and for anyone who is looking for more information about an issue.

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Our office locations and contact details. Come and see us at one of our four offices in Burnie, Devonport, Hobart or Launceston.