Grants of legal aid

Grants of legal aid enable Tasmanians to access legal services in criminal, family and civil law areas.

A grant of legal aid is used to pay either a Tasmania Legal Aid lawyer (called an in-house lawyer) or a private lawyer to help people with their legal problem. Once a case has received a grant of legal aid, additional payments may be made for the lawyer’s services depending on the progress and merit of the legal case.

Using our Guidelines for Grants, the Grants team assess applications for grants of aid and undertake associated administration. This includes assessing a client’s financial information and managing any related co-payment that may be required based on a client’s circumstances, and facilitating lawyers who are assigned each grant of aid.

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        Grants of Legal Aid Guidelines

        The guidelines are the rules for determining the granting of legal aid.

        Guidelines for grants

        Property Mediation Trial Guidelines

        The Guidelines are the rules for granting legal assistance for the lawyer-assisted Family Law Property Mediation Trial. The Guidelines apply a different income and assets tests. Contributions may be imposed. The Guidelines set out the eligibility criteria and conditions for the Mediation Trial, including a work item and fee schedule for lawyers.

        Property Mediation Trial Guidelines