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Senior Assist

Elder abuse is not okay.

Elder abuse is any act that causes distress of harm to an older person and is often carried out someone they know and trust.The trusted person is often a family member or friend.

A legal and support service for people experiencing elder abuse

Our team has lawyers and case managers who work together to help you if you are experiencing or at risk of abuse. We are located in Hobart and Launceston and can provide services to other areas in Tasmania.

We aim to provide a practical and effective response to elder abuse and prevention in Tasmania. Our team will work with you to plan support and legal responses.

What is Elder Abuse?

Up to 14 per cent of older people may experience elder abuse in the form of physical, emotional, financial, social or sexual abuse.

The definition of elder abuse used by the Tasmanian and Australian governments is:

A single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person". Elder abuse can take various forms such as financial, physical, psychological and sexual. It can also be the result of intentional or unintentional neglect.

Elder abuse is any mistreatment of an older person by another person with whom they have a relationship of trust. Often that person is a family member or carer, but it could be a friend or neighbour on whom they depend.

Some forms of abuse are clear such as physical or sexual assaults. Others may not be so clear for example where your carer denigrates you or you have a power of attorney that is not acting in the way you want them to. If you think we can help you, feel free to contact us.

Who we can assist?

Senior Assist is a free service.

Senior Assist is a team of lawyers and case managers providing free legal advice, assistance and support to seniors who are experiencing elder abuse.

We can help with information and planning to prevent elder abuse.

we can visit you in your home or a safe place.

We can assist if you:

  • live anywhere in Tasmania
  • are aged 65+
  • are aged 50+ (Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people)
  • are experiencing, or at risk of elder abuse

How we can help you?

Our team can speak with you, help you understand the issue you are facing and the options available to you. We can link you to other support services.

Senior Assist can:

  • †meet you at a safe place with a lawyer and case manager
  • support you to make your own decisions
  • give legal advice and support
  • †help you to report matters to police or other agencies
  • provide emotional support
  • †refer you to support services

How to contact Senior Assist

To phone  us, call 1300 366 611 or 03 6236 3800 and ask to be put through to Senior Assist.

You can also contact us on email at:

Does it cost anything?

No, this is a free service.

Can we help concerned friends, carers and relatives?

We can provide general advice, assistance and support to any concerned person, including friends, carers, support services or relatives. Our main focus is to assist an older person directly.

Free community education and information

We can come and talk to community groups and organisations about Senior Assist, legal issues for Seniors and Elder Abuse prevention. Please contact Senior Assist on 03 6236 3800 (ask to speak to the elder abuse coordinator). This is a free service.

Last updated: 11/11/2021