Application for a restricted driver licence check list

Step 1 - Prior to completing the Application

  • Request has been made for a National Police Check
  • Fee has been paid for National Police Check

Step 2 - The Application

  • Print Application for restricted driver licence
  • Complete all sections of the Application
  • If licence surrendered contact Service Tasmania to obtain licence number
  • Sign Application before a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations

Step 3 - Application attachments

  • National Police Check attached
  • Letter from Doctor attached (if alcohol related conviction)
  • Letter from Employer attached (if licence relevant to employment)
  • Evidence of licence suspension or disqualification attached
  • Evidence of alternative transport options attached

Step 4 - Lodging the Application

  • Attend the Magistrates Court with 3 copies of the Application (original plus copy for the Court and copy for Police Prosecution/Registrar of Motor Vehicles)
  • Pay Application fee (cash required as no eftpos facilities at Court)
  • Court date written on Application by Court staff
  • Copy of Application served on either Police Prosecution or Registrar of Motor Vehicles
  • Your copy of the Application signed by either Police Prosecution or Registrar of Motor Vehicles acknowledging they have been served with a copy
  • Any witnesses providing evidence on your behalf advised of Court date (e.g employer)

Step 5 - Court appearance

  • Attend Court with copy of Application proving service on either Police Prosecution or Registrar of Motor Vehicles

Last updated: 22/06/2017