Tasmania Legal Aid launched its Client Engagement Strategy today. Director Kristen Wylie said the purpose of the Strategy is to place the voices of clients at the centre of everything that TLA does. 

“We want to ensure that our services are designed to meet the needs of all our clients. The Client Engagement Strategy gives us a range of ways to engage with our clients to find out how our services can be improved.

“We know that many of our clients face significant challenges accessing legal services, including communication, disability, safety, location, and cultural needs. This strategy sets goals and provides the tools we need to work with our clients to overcome these barriers.

It will also help us work with our clients and community members to identify how the legal system can be reformed to improved outcomes for vulnerable clients, ,” Ms Wylie said.

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TLA Director, Kristen Wylie at the launch of the Client Engagement Strategy - 22 March 2023

Nina, Client Advisor, TLA Family Violence Reform Group at the launch of the Client Engagement Strategy - 22 March 2023

Last updated: 23/03/2023