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Protecting a teenage girl from domestic violence

Lianna was aged 18 when her mother brought her to Legal Aid.

Lianna’s boyfriend Paul was abusive,  but when Lianna fell pregnant the abuse escalated.  Lianna then moved back into her parents home but the lease on their flat was in joint names and Paul had stopped paying the rent. Paul also insisted on being at all Lianna's antenatal appointments and at the birth.

With Legal Aid's help Lianna was able to get a Police Family Violence Order in place without her having to attend court.

Legal Aid then helped Lianna end the lease on the flat and acted for her  in relation to the family law  matters.

With some assistance, Paul is now working on building a respectful, co-operative co-parenting relationship with Lianna.

We have changed both parties names and some facts to protect everyone's privacy and the image used is of a model.



Last updated: 24/03/2016