Being Cyber Safe Part 2 - Respect versus Bullying


This video was made by a Canadian student and it won an award for its message.  Have a look for yourself (it goes for 2:24 mins).

As you watch this video take note of what bullying is made up of - the actions, reactions, feelings and impacts.

How did this video make you feel?

When have you felt like that before?

What is bullying?

Let's look at some great resources from Bullying No Way, a resource for Australian schools.

This video explains the features of bullying:

1.  Misuse of power in relationships
2. Behaviour that is ongoing and repeated
3. Involves behaviours that can cause harm.

It goes for 2:30 mins. Before moving on, have a go at the True/False questions in this link:

      True / False quiz

Rewatch the video if you think you need to check your answers. 


Each of the following videos looks further at a different feature of bullying.

Choose 1 video to watch.

Bullying is a misuse of power

2:15 mins

Bullying is ongoing & repeated

2:15 mins

Bullying causes harm 

3:21 mins 


In 1 sentence, summarise the feature of bullying that your video focused on.

​What would bullying behaviour look like if it did not contain this feature?


Classroom task - video

1. Rewatch the first video ("Give Respect Get Respect 2013 - Winner").

2. Make a short film yourself on your phone or computer. Add #bullyingnoway and send a copy to your teacher.

3. Ask your school about whether the videos from your class could be used in a school campaign for the National Day of Action against bullying and violence .


Here's a chance to pause before moving on to the next part. These are optional and up to you.  ​

When you are ready, click on the button below to move on to Part 3.


​Below is a Bars and Melody song from 2014 about bullying.
Do you know other songs also about bullying?

How many 'bullying' songs can you can find?

​Whose side of the story do they tell -

  • the person experiencing bullying?
  • the person who is bullying?
  • or the bystanders?

​Have a go at compiling an anti-bully playlist.
Or if you're a muso yourself, write your own song.


Test your understanding on this find-a-word.

Go to find-a-word 

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Last updated: 05/02/2021